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    Regular items not seasonal.

    Shower Breeze

    The fragrance of the Shower Breeds by which a lily and soap burst and smell refreshingly.

    Sunny Day

    The fragrance of the Sunny day by which an herbal and citrus fruits smell cleanly brightly.

    Laundry Savon

    The fragrance of the Laundry Savon by which a lily of the valley and hyacinth are filled and smell soft.

    A Clean Day

    No scent.

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    Summer limited items to be sold from May to Aug.

    Paradise Cove

    Get away from it all on a tropical island of boundless blue ocean and blue sky,
    with the fragrance of paradise cove of fresh jasmine and lilac.

    Bright morning

    A scent herb green and peony are brilliant scents in the morning
    of the seaside where you are being invited by the sound of the waves.

    On the Beach

    It puts you on the white-sand beach, walking down barefoot with anticipation,
    as refreshing breeze and dazzling light play with your sundress.
    On-the-beach fragrance with amber and musk lightly blows through.

    Sunset walk

    Romantic time when the sky is painted with vivid gradation of colors –
    lovers spend special time on the beach. Dreamy sunset of summer.
    Fresh Jasmine and romantic peach are blended in this fragrance of ‘sunset walk’.

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    Autumn limited items to be sold from Aug to Mar.

    In a dream

    In an ideal room for yourself who love life with fragrances, you are having
    doze on your bed in sheer happiness, wrapped up in pleasant fragrances.
    It is sweet, romantic and dreamy fragrance of rose and magnolia.

    Foever moment

    You are filling your lungs with the fresh scent of white roses flowering in the morning after rain, with its droplets on their petals.
    Fragrance of white rose and musk descends upon you like soft spring rain.

    Lovely time

    Elegant fragrance of soft sweet rose and gentle powder.

    To wear love

    A sweet and adorable strawberry and jasmine full of your secret dress room scent.

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    Winter limited items to be sold from Oct to Mar.

    Crystal shine

    Snow covered field in the morning sun and the dazzling diamond dusts blown
    in the north wind. It is a quiet and clear winter morning.
    It is crystal shine fragrance with dancing and dazzling white musk and magnolia.


    You are wrapped up in pure white bed linen and smooth silk pajamas
    in the golden light of the morning sun coming through the window.
    Smoothly spreading brilliant fragrance of white amber and fruity rose.

    Never land

    A scent wrapped in a gentle tea tree and sweet and gentle lilac.

    Snow twinkle

    A scent that musk and lemon shine and blow through.

    Sparkling snow

    In winter I spend with a small inhabitant in a snowy forest. Fresh citrus and white flowers Sparkling fragrance.

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    Fragrance Cool Water Mist

    Summer limited items to be sold from May to Aug.

    Cool mist that you can get cool feeling just by spraying on clothes, futon, sheets, etc.,
    We recommended you use it before going out, after exercise and at a hot night.


    A scent of fresh and soft citrus.


    A scent that lemon full of coolness.